This free annual event is a combination of symposia and open access to a wide variety of microscopes. The symposium topic rotates in order to highlight research employing emerging techniques, biological tools or instrumentation. The "micro-course" practical is linked to the symposia with a thematic technique or application. It is open to the entire research community and only requires your free registration.

In order to eliminate the financial barriers and time commitments that often prevent individuals from taking extended microscopy courses, direct access to instruments and expertise are provided free of charge. Designed for the busy researcher, this is an excellent opportunity to determine whether particular techniques suit your future needs or to get needed advice from vendor representatives. 

The 2016 workshop symposia theme will focus on innovations in bioprobes for microscopy, highlighting advances in novel fluorochromes, multiplexing approaches, innovative labeling techniques and tools for Correlative Light and EM.

Although the symposia is thematic, a broad range of demonstrations and technical lectures on many aspects of microscopy will be offered. Small-group practicals related to the symposia topic will be offered. A wide variety of instruments will be available for use with guidance, including confocal, two-photon LSM, super resolution microscopes as well as TEM microscopes.

Prepared samples will be present for you to use, but feel free to bring your own samples as well! You can bring fixed or living specimens, but these must be limited to BLS1 samples or fixed BSL2. Unfixed BLS2 samples are not permitted. Please note that some instruments, such as the EM and super resolution, require specialized sample preparations. See the FAQ page and the Equipment listing web pages for information on sample preparation. Some of the microscopes available for use are in other buildings on campus, so please allow time between demonstrations or hands-on trials if this is the case for the instruments you are interested in.

This free event is made possible through the generous support of numerous companies and the office of the YSOM Deputy Dean of Science. Support is also provided by NIAMS (Yale Rheumatology Disease Research Center P30) to advance the use of light microscopy in basic research. 

Visit the Schedule & Events section of this site to learn more about the 2016 workshop and prior year events.

Event Details

June 14-15th, 2016

Yale School of Medicine

The Anlyan Center (TAC)

300 Cedar Street

New Haven CT 06525